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Good fur the soul – The benefits of Therapy Dogs

It is often said that the best therapists have fur and four legs. As dog owners, we don't need research to tell us the benefits they bring to our lives. The unconditional love, the dependence on you to care for their needs, the fun of play and joy of companionship are...

Outdoor essentials for dog adventures

Exploring the great outdoors is one of the pleasures of dog ownership. Besides the physical benefits it’s great for our mental health and well-being too!

Reflections of 2018 – A year in review

People often describe a state of limbo between Christmas and New Year, when they don't know what day it is and every meal is made up from leftovers. But I enjoy the downtime this period offers to take the opportunity to reflect on the past 12...

Welcome puppy Bosun! Choosing a puppy the right way.

Welcome to my super new website and very first blog! I thought the perfect place to start would be to introduce you to the newest member of the Fur Babies family, Bosun the boxer puppy! Getting any pet is so exciting, BUT - before we decided to welcome a new dog into...


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