Non toxic tick collars

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A chemical-free alternative to manage ticks. Hand braided paracord with EM Ceramic beads to naturally deter ticks from attaching to your dogs skin without toxins and chemicals.



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Natural tick collars

My beaded tick collars are a chemical-free alternative to manage ticks. The EM Ceramic beads naturally deter ticks from attaching to your dogs skin without toxins and chemicals. These collars are designed with a sliding toggle length of 2 inches to slip over your dog's head and adjust to fit the neck. An attractive design to be worn loosely like a necklace.

  • Handmade in Bristol, UK
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Adjustable and comfortable to wear
  • Your choice of colour to suit your dog
  • Free postage

The collar can be hand washed and it and it is safe for your dog to swim with the collar, just allow to dry in the sun!

Fur Babies product review

"I was surprised by the quality, it was beautifully made!" - Vanessa

FAQ: How do EM tick collars work?

EM Beads are made by fermenting the clay with effective microorganisms. Once baked the resulting ceramic holds beneficial properties and emits far infrared waves which penetrate the skin tissue and promote a healthy skin microbiome. It is believed that ticks find the infrared waves and the altered skin environment unpleasant and therefore do not attach to the dog. 

The evidence supporting EM Beads as a natural tick repellent is anecdotal, supported by many dog owners worldwide who choose natural remedies to safely manage and control ticks on their pet (eg Billy no Mates herbal treatment). No tick solution is 100% guaranteed to repel ticks and it is advisable that a regular grooming routine is followed to check for ticks in your dogs coat. The aim of the collar is to prevent the tick from attaching to your dogs skin where they can spread diseases into the bloodstream.

Please note that these collars should we worn alongside your dogs regular collar or harness for walking - do not attach a lead to the tick collar as it has not been designed to restrain your dog. It may break or the adjusting slide will allow your dog to escape.

1 review for Non toxic tick collars

  1. Tina Camps (verified owner)

    Love the collar beautifully made very good quality, only had it two days so to early to say if it works.

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