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Snuffle treat mat

Snuffle mats provide mental stimulation and enrichment for your pet by encouraging natural foraging behaviour.

This exercise in nosework engages your dog’s sense of smell to sniff out their favourite food and treats amongst the folds of soft fleece. Can assist to combat boredom in dogs on restricted exercise recovering from injury or illness and also great for energetic puppies. Choose your size and colour to order today!

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Foraging mat for dogs

Snuffle mats encourage your dogs natural foraging behaviour and are the perfect boredom buster for dogs on restricted exercise. They are also great for occupying energetic puppies!

My mats are handmade with a heavy duty rubber base and soft fleece. Hand wash as required in cool water and mild detergent.

Measurements: Small 30 x 20cm  Medium 40 x 30cm  Large 60 x 40cm

How to use: Sprinkle a handful your dogs favourite treats on top of the mat and allow your dog to find them. If your dog starts to pull at the fleece or tries to dig, use the 'stop' command and point to the treats to encourage nose-work. Gradually increase the challenge by hiding treats deeper into the folds. Once your dog has mastered the skill, treats may be phased out in exchange for regular dry food (kibble) and the occasional tasty treat. Your dog will find the act of sniffing out their food self-rewarding and satisfying.

Tip: Put the mat away in between use. Your dog will learn to associate the sniffing activity with rewards!

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"My dog loves his snuffle mat and it keeps him busy for a while!"

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1 review for Snuffle Mats

  1. Dave

    A well made and cleverly designed piece of kit. Bought for a ten week old sprocker puppy this mat has enabled me to take coffee breaks in peace and quiet.
    Made from strong but soft fabric tails attached to a rubber base with regular pots and ribs to seat treats into. The puppy is actively excited to see this mat and importantly it converts his energy from the usual yelping and misdirected play to positive foraging and thinking.
    Owned for five weeks, used daily and no signs of wear.

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