Have you ever been to a fun dog show?

I love taking the Fur Babies stall to markets and events in and around Bristol & Bath, but my favourite events are the fun dog shows because being surrounded by dogs and chatting to like-minded dog lovers is my idea of a great day out. So imagine my delight when I was invited to judge at a local fun dog show! Of course I said ‘yes’ quicker than a collie at a flyball final but then… Eek! how on Earth was I going to choose a winner? After all, as W.R Purche said ‘everyone thinks they have the best dog, and none of them are wrong’.


Judging at a local dog show

Judging at the Passion for Pets fun dog show as part of the dogs Christmas party was a real highlight of 2019 and it was a pleasure to support another Bristol based dog business. Rachael is an IMDBT certified trainer offering dog walking, sitting and training services and organised this great event with all proceeds donated to local charity Buddy’s Rural Animal Rescue, from where her sister’s spaniel was rehomed. I was asked to judge 5 fun classes including ‘coolest crossbreed’ and ‘most charming chappie’  awarding a rosette and goody bag prizes for each class which contained my freshly baked dog treats! It was so lovely to meet all the different dogs and their owners, hearing about their dogs history, how they came to choose their names, and how important and valued every dog was to them and their family. Amongst the variety of dogs on show, what each dog had in common was an owner who loved them and thought they were the best thing since the invention of smartphones (for taking photos of dogs, obvs!). After my stint at Judging I enjoyed watching the dogs show off their skills in the remaining classes including ‘Musical Sit’ and ‘Quickest Sausage Catcher’ (well done Stitch!) and was so pleased when Eddie, the beautiful German Sherpherd I awarded first prize for ‘Most Perfect Pedigree’ went on to win overall Best in Show with a fleece tug toy prize!


German hephers best in show

Well done Eddie!

Entering a fun dog show

As I have already alluded to, Pedigree is not important in a fun dog show. These shows are for all dogs, of all ages and nobody is looking for a ‘breed standard’ as would be the case at a competitive show – that is a whole different world of champion breeding. Anyone can enter and usually you can enter multiple classes, which vary from prettiest eyes or waggiest tail to best rescue so there is something for everyone, provided your dog is happy and comfortable being around other dogs. It can also be a great way to socialise your dog even if you don’t enter, although being around lots of dogs in an unfamiliar place might be overwhelming for a nervous dog or young puppy so listen to your dogs body language to keep it fun. You don’t need to dress up your dog but a cute accessory such as a doggy bandana or bow tie can help your dog stand out and catch the eye of admirers and Judges! Don’t be dissapointed if your dog doesn’t come home with a rosette – you know that your dog is the best dog!


Nervous dog at dog showBlue staffy at dog showspaniel in Christmas outfit at dog show


Now I know you must be wondering how I chose the winner for each class. Well it wasn’t easy but let’s just say a bit of char acter goes a long way! If you see me at a fun dog show or event be sure to come and say ‘Hi’, I’d love to shake your paw and always have some freshly baked dog treats to sample!



Where shall we go next?

dog bow tie

Doggy bow ties

handmade dog bandana grey stars

Dog bandanas