Enjoying walks and exploring the great outdoors is one of the pleasures of dog ownership. Not only is the physical activity mutually beneficial but spending time with pets is great for our mental health too! We are fortunate in the UK to have access to great open spaces to enjoy, from Loch Lomond to Dartmoor, so wherever you are there is somewhere nearby to have an adventure with your dog!

Basic dog walking essentials for outdoor adventures:

  1. Water & bowl – collapsible bowls or 2 in 1 pet bottle dispensers are a great space-saver
  2. Treats & food supply
  3. First aid kit (https://www.bluecross.org.uk/pet-advice/basic-first-aid-dogs) and tick twister
  4. Disposable, biodegradable poo bags
  5. Towel for muddy paws

If camping with your dog you might also include a brush/comb, favourite toy and a blanket. It’s also a good idea to take a note of your pet insurance details, just in case!

Paracord for hiking and camping

No experienced hiker or camper would ever be without a trusty length of paracord! This strong and versatile utility cord is a backpack essential. Developed as a parachute suspension line for the US Army, paracord 550 is a strong yet lightweight nylon rope. Consisting of an outer sheath and several inner strands, it is able to take a breaking strain of 550 lbs! Use it for extra guy lines or to secure a tarpaulin, string up a washing line or repair a shoelace. Use the paracord to secure your dog on the campsite. You can use a screw-in ground stake but if the ground is stony the cord can be tied around a tree or post. And if you’re a serious hiker or wild camper, paracord can be used in emergencies as a tourniquet, to make a sling or splint, as a rescue line or even make a pulley system.

Paracord is an essential piece of kit for hiking and camping

Paracord dog gear

Paracord dog collars and leads are the perfect accessory for dogs and their humans who love outdoor adventures! They look great and you will always have an essential piece of survival kit to hand. Although it is hoped you will never need it, the Fur Babies single braided dog lead will provide 310” of paracord in case of emergency* (plenty to set some aside for a temporary dog lead until safety is reached). The outer braid of my Brunel dog collar,  made with the classic King Cobra knot, uses approximately 18” of cord per inch of collar, providing an ample length of emergency cord at your disposal.

paracord dog slip lead

‘Brunel’ King cobra paracord dog collar

I hope you enjoy getting out and about with your dog. It’s a great way to manage the stresses of everyday life. Whether your adventure is big or small, please remember the Countryside Code, be careful around livestock and clean up after your dog.

*Please note this requires the unravelling of your paracord dog lead or collar, once undone Fur Babies will not accept returns – this is an emergency scenario! Paracord is tough but please check for wear and tear.

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Classic paracord dog collars

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