Classic Paracord Dog Collars

Your dog is unique. Their collar should be, too!

These strong and stylish collars are created by tying a series of decorative knots using genuine USA paracord 550. There are 3 classic paracord knot designs available in a wide range of colours

ASHTON: A classic cobra knot, narrow and flat with an attractive pattern best suited to small and medium sized dogs.

BRUNEL: A thick and slightly rounded King Cobra knot with a striking zig zag pattern. Suited to medium to large dogs.

CABOT: A wide, flat Solomon Bar knot with a decorative pattern suited to large dogs and hounds.

Here you will find a collection of popular colour choices for each knot design, however you can also pick your own colours with my bespoke design service!

Don’t forget to order a matching lead to complete the look!

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